Or Rishon Digital specializes in importing, marketing, and operating advanced led screens as well as electronic signage solutions for a wide range of clients – private business and stores, stadiums and malls, government institutes, local municipalities and more.

We use innovative technologies and exclusive developments to provide tailor-made solutions for each and every client, business or company – whether inside a structure or under the big blue sky – for the purpose of advertisement and sales, design, information, atmosphere or internal organizational communication.

We take pride in turning any idea or desire into reality and giving your messages and products maximum visibility, a high level of resonance, and any extra touches required to market, promote and sell!

Our led screens, which come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, are manufactured by one of the world’s leading led display manufacturers, and offer diverse and advanced options to combine color, text, images, animations and video. All screens have a convenient management system that can be operated from any computer connected to the internet, and can be updated simultaneously and in full synchronization with other digital platforms.

Over the years, Or Rishon Digital has developed a number of leading and exclusive products which have solidified its position at the forefront of the technology of digital advertising: an impressive multi-color Apple display for branding mobile phone stores, a huge iPhone 5 display used to convey advertising and direct sales messages, and a unique charging station for mobile phones that displays advertising content.

All of our products, which have been approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as well as the Standards Institution of Israel, are characterized by the highest level of quality, are durable in all weather conditions, and have a prolonged lifespan. Furthermore, every year we release new and improved versions with better capabilities to continuously maximize our products’ performance.

Using our extensive experience, technological capabilities and company spirit, we guide our clients through the entire process: from choosing the most suitable screen, determining the messages and designing them, development work, installation, visibility and placement, all the way to technical support and content production and management.

We do all of this so that your messages will stand out, be displayed in the most effective possible way, and sell, market, guide or meet any other objective or goal you decide to set.

The Manufacturer

Or Rishon Digital is the exclusive distributor in Israel for the Chinese based Sanyang, one of the world’s leading led display manufacturers, known for their high quality and extremely durable products. Sanyang was chosen by the Chinese government to be the led screen provider for the 2009 Beijing Olympics, which positioned it at the innovative and technological forefront in its industry.

Sanyang is responsible for thousands of projects across the globe, and provides 70% of the screens in New York’s Time Square, Tokyo’s Tokyo Center, and in other major sites in France, Spain, Russia and more.

Are you interested in becoming our reseller?

Or Rishon Digital’s resellers enjoy exclusivity in marketing our innovative developments in their home countries, subsequently becoming market leaders.

Or RIshon Digital’s Developments