Conventions & event halls

Our dedicated screens for stages and conventions are modular screens that can be easily constructed and dismantled, making for effortless integration into any event. The screen’s content management system is smart and easy to operate – content can be updated from any internet connected computer – with just the click of a button you can update messages, images, videos and anything else you choose. Furthermore, the content can be updated simultaneously across other digital platforms.

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More unique developments of ours, which are ideal for stadiums and sports facilities:


  1. Our stage LED display screen provides uniform color and brightness, high contrast ratio, high refresh rate and no delay display of images.
  2. It is a system of multi-media LED display screen with virtual image and color. By using virtual pixel technology, the LED panel offers four times resolution by the same quantity LED lamps.
  3. The stage LED display screen has easy installation and dismantling. The unique quick-lock design is adopted to simplify the hardware setting, so the screen can be operated in a fast and easy way.
  4. The LED display screen comes with special sound and video processing system. Reliable processing of multiple signals helps to ensure high-definition images on the screen.



The stage LED display screen, typically used in western restaurants, pubs, film studios, discos, etc., is ideal for fashion shows, outdoor advertising events and more.

 Or rishon digital is a leading of stage LED display screen. We provide a wide range of LED products including stage LED display screen, rental LED display screen, LED street light etc.

Due to our strict accordance with international standards in production and operation, our company has got the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Through everlasting efforts of our dedicated staffs, we are glad to offer CE or ROHS compliant products as per customers’ requests. If you require more information about our products, feel free to contact with us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.