The Next Generation Digital Billboard

Active 3D Led Sign

Sparkling Diamonds dancing in your Logo

Social gaming giant Plarium has been renewed with the first digital billboard

of its kind in Israel, with amazing displays in form and letters | Or Rishon

Digital, the company behind the development, promises: This is the start of a

new era in the business

Anyone travelling along the Coastal Highway between Glilot and Kfar Shmaryahu is

familiar with the high-tech vista of arrogant tall buildings to the west bearing famous

logos of the top technology companies, which are their tenants: Apple, Microsoft,

Freescale Semiconductor, SuperCom, and others. A new digital sign recently joined this

impressive high-tech boulevard, offering an extraordinary sight among the signs and

symbols: a huge sign bearing the logo of the strategic social gaming company, Plarium,

made up of more than 40,000 LED lights.

View the installation of the Plarium sign at Beit Ampa

The sign, installed on the façade of Beit Ampa, where Plarium’s offices are located, was

created with innovative Active 3D LED Logo technology, which makes it possible to

create special effects with the shapes and letters. Plarium chose to design its logo using

the Sparking Diamonds effect, inspired by billboards of the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas

and Macao. The amazing and sparkling sight can be seen from half a kilometer away.

Or Rishon Digital, a specialist in innovative digital signage solutions, is responsible for

this groundbreaking sign – the first of its kind in Israel. The company is experienced in

the use of Active 3D LED Logo technology: two years ago, it used the unique technology

to develop a sign in the form of Apple’s apple logo for the company’s mobile products

Or Rishon Digital is at the forefront of global innovation in the field. In the past year, a

growing number of companies worldwide began using Active 3D LED Logo technology

to create special effects logos to make them stand out.

The creation and installation of Plarium’s sign required a complex, delicate, and

extremely impressive operation. The process began overseas, where the logo was

meticulously built using high-quality stainless steel, which was then place perforated

using lasers to make tens of thousands of holes at precise intervals. 40,000 LED water-

resistant lights, each with its own brain, were inserted into these holes. These lights were

then connected to a special control panel with an SD Card programmed to create the

desired special effects.

Good pictures with suitable captions of the billboard and its installation

When the digital logo sign reached Israel, the process of installing it in place began. The

300-kilogram sign was raised by crane onto Beit Ampa and carefully attached to the

façade by a company that specializes in glass wall installations.

The lights were then connected to the control panel, and the sign was lit up. The high-

quality stainless steel from which the sign was manufactured has a mirror polished

finishing, giving it an extraordinary sight during daylight, and in the evening, it creates a

sparkling diamonds effect in the delicate and precious white elliptical letters.

“This sign launches a new era in digital signage in Israel,” sais Or Rishon Digital CEO

Oren Shoshan. “It offers a different kind of sight. I believe that, in the coming years,

Active 3D LED Logo technology will lead all digital billboard advertising channels. In

any event, we will constantly seek the most innovative and attractive methods.”